Check out the latest review of the Lector 707 CD player over at HiFi Pig.

“Build Quality: Fit and finish is excellent on both the player and power supply. The switches and LED display on the power supply is more ornamental than necessary or factual.

Sound Quality: Very difficult to fault, in fact I couldn’t find fault and it can stand being listened to for many hours without fatigue although dull sounding it isn’t by any means.

Value For Money: With a price of £4,100.00 this pair isn’t cheap, but I reckon you will be in no hurry to upgrade to anything supposedly “better”. They are hand built and this also has an element in the pricing.” Dominic Marsh

“I would go as far as saying that the Lector CDP707 is the most analogue sounding CD player that I have ever heard. I’d love to have one !” Lionel Payne