Metaxas Sirens

With more than a passing reference to Homer’s Odyssey, the apt metaphor is testimony to the sheer musicality and realism.

World exclusive, demonstrated at our London showroom!

Giya G4

With the G4 loudspeaker, you can enjoy the authentic GIYA sound and aesthetic in even the smallest space.

Available in store now!

Metaxas Solitaire Amplifier

The Solitaire is a straight 150WRMS Stereo Power Amplifier or can be offered like the IKARUS as a higher powered [150WRMS] Stereo Integrated Amplifier.

World exclusive, demonstrated at our London showroom!

Devialet Phantom

Reach the pinnacle. Feel the physical impact of ultra-dense sound. Experience your music with the most extreme power, clarity and precision ever achieved. Breathtaking.

Available in store now!

Simply the best HiFi money can buy

Our Showroom

Our newly opened state of the art showroom in Hampton Wick is now open to welcome art and music lovers. We believe that great hifi sound should be synonymous with great style. Our showroom is currently displaying stunningly beautiful high end products including Devialet, Metals and Vivid Audio. Our passion is perfect audio and stunning equipment, so come and pay a visit to our downstairs demo room to experience the best hifi money can buy.

Latest Products

At Imperial HiFi we are all passionate about our sound and have had many years of experience in the world of high end HiFi. The brands we have chosen to stock are the result of that experience, and as we continue to build our product catalogue our aim is always to bring you what we believe to be the best listening experience available. Our premium price brands reflect the ultimate in high end listening.

Piega Master Line Source 2

Four mid-range speakers and tweeters, mounted one above the other, emit sound in a vertical, cylindrical configuration, resulting in an exceedingly clear and detailed sound pattern.

Suzaku Red Sparrow Cartridge

As its name suggests, the coreless straight-flux system has no core material, with the left and right coils arranged in a V shape directly above the magnet.

Sumile Cartridge

Sumile is not lavished with superfluous technologies or rare materials. Instead, through our commitment to fundamental quality, it is the ultimate analog product.

We supply a wide range of brands

NVO, Topwing, Dalby Design, Vyger, Ayon, Atoll, Piega, Wavac, Lector, Sound Lab, Onkk, Avon Audio, Audio Analogue, Acoustic Solid, Michell, Magnapan, Marakasino, Music First, Pnoe Nord Acoustics, Raidho and Townshend

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